The Tesseract Document

I got bored and started to pause The Avengers every minute to look at something. I found the scene where Nick Fury is giving Steve Rogers the file on the Tesseract. Very interesting stuff, but then I found that it was printed in the Phase One box set (that I didn’t buy and had to find a scan of on the internet). So here it is:


Interesting. There’s some redacted parts. Well, it just so happens that those lines are the only lines that you can see in the movie.

“…how they want to be used, and deny certain wishes. Mephisto has proposed that a billion-sentient universally-linked will could overcome this problem, and that the Cubes could be as powerful as the Infinity Gems.”

Assuming Joss Whedon isn’t trolling people and that this is serious, this implies the SHIELD has come into contact with Mephisto (which would be interesting for Doctor Strange in 2016), that there are multiple Cosmic Cubes, and that SHIELD is aware of the Infinity Gems.

If that’s actually the case, perhaps Nick Fury has a deeper motive for gathering the Avengers than I had thought.

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3 Responses to The Tesseract Document

  1. Carlos Benavides says:

    I just reach ur blog looking for an answer to a question, i have just seen Thor 2, and was wondering what powered the bifrost before the tesseract was recovered, it could a infinite gem?, if that is true? where is it? And where is the casket and the chitauri scepter?

    • lewakrom says:

      I don’t believe that the Bifrost is powered by the Tesseract. The Bifrost seems to be its own complicated machinery/magic. Kevin Feige confirmed that the Tesseract was the Space Gem. It seems that the Tesseract is now in Treasure Room. And, as for the casket, my best guess is that it is still with Thanos/the Other. The Chitauri scepter is suspected to be in SHIELD custody.

      • Carlos Benavides says:

        I think I read in the prelude to Thor 2 that the tesseract was used to repair the bifrost, thats why i become confused.

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