What I Expect in Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 international release opening weekend has grossed more than that of The Avengers (by only about 300,000). While I’m not sure how it could be better than The Avengers, I do have high expectations for it. Also, I do expect some references to a bigger universe. Though I’m sure that I can find confirmation of this online, the movie has not opened in America so I’m trying really hard not to look up any spoilers.

With that said, you may consider some of what follows to be spoilers. The following has been what was revealed about the movie over the last few months and my speculation on it.

1. Mandarin’s Rings – While I would love for his rings to be like the comics, I’ve gotten the impression that they might not actually be magical. That said, I reserve some hope that one of the rings the Mandarin will have will feature an Infinity Gem. Not sure which gem it’d be (Power?), but I can hope.

2. AIM and HYDRA – AIM is definitely in this movie. However, more importantly, AIM is connected to HYDRA in the comics. I’m eager to see if this plays into my thoughts on a HYDRA-World Security Council connection from Phase 1 (which I’ll hopefully explain in a couple of blog entries this week… or next). I’m also curious as to whether AIM are the same scientists that were working for Loki in The Avengers alongside Eric Selvig. (The quote that stands out from those scenes is something along the lines of “SHIELD has no shortage of enemies, Doctor.”)

3. “Nothing’s been the same since New York.” – I’m very eager to see how Tony Stark’s character has developed since The Avengers. Specifically, I’m looking towards seeing him move towards the Tony Stark I’m more familiar with from the comics (the Civil War through Siege era, primarily) where I hate the guy because he has very good reasons for things that I don’t want. I don’t expect him to goes as far as to support the Superhuman Registration Act or jettison the Hulk into outer space at this point, but I believe that the cards may begin to be set for such events to occur.

Things that might point that out would be Godbuster or Hulkbuster armor. I feel one or both of those were rumored to be in it, but may have been debunked. (I would fact check that, but I don’t want to run into spoilers at the moment.) Much like how Stark definitely has Space Armor after his terrifying incident in space, Godbuster or Hulkbuster armor would definitely suggest that he has been unsettled by meeting people like Thor and the Hulk that are much more powerful than him.

I’m also interested in seeing how he’s become more of a hero. Especially after some of the comments made in the arguments between Rogers and Stark in The Avengers about being a hero, I want to see Captain America’s impact on how Iron Man operates.

Overall, these three changes will hopefully begin to push Tony Stark to his more “futurist” way of thinking. He’s already seen how out-of-their-league all of Earth is in from Loki’s attack in The Avengers. I expect him to begin to see the danger of power in general, especially drawing from Vanko in Iron Man 2.

As a closing note, and a bit more of spoiler (you’ve been warned), it would appear that Bruce Banner may be appearing in the end credits. It is killing me not to look up what exactly he is doing in the end credits or what that’s all about. 4 more days.

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