Loki Lost

More important than the possibility that Loki won in The Avengers is that Loki lost in Thor. Well, of course, he lost. There’s no question about it. But I think I would like to question what his actual motives were. I am going forward with the assumption that Loki is a pretty smart guy. Seems like one, right? Well…

“Thor Odinson, you have betrayed the express command of your king. For your arrogance and stupidity, you have opened up these peaceful realms and innocent lives to the horrors and desolation of war. You are unworthy!”

– Odin to Thor (a scene at which Loki was also present)

“You can’t stop it. The Bifrost will build until it rips Jotunheim apart.”

“Why have you done this?”

“To prove to father that I am the worthy son.”

Loki to Thor

Am I the only one who is confused how a god so brilliant that he was able to engineer his own ascension – albeit temporary – to the throne of Asgard, could think that destroying Jotunheim would make him worthy when he had been present at Thor’s banishment for attempting to do just that?

Oh, that’s right. Loki is the God of Lies.

The Goal

Let’s assume that Loki was already in contact with Thanos and the Other before he fell through the portal. Thanos would potentially be able to provide him with means to become king of Asgard. It should be noted that simply having Thor banished and Odin fall into the Odinsleep would not be enough. Often, the Odinsleep is only temporary so he knew that his rule would have to be temporary.


So the bargain that’s assumed between Loki and Thanos is that Loki would give Thanos the Infinity Gauntlet if Thanos would help Loki get the throne of Asgard. The Infinity Gauntlet is in Odin’s treasure room.

Preparing for to Steal the Infinity Gauntlet

Imagine you’re Loki and you’re planning on stealing the Infinity Gauntlet from Odin’s treasure room. What information would be good to have? Well, obviously, what defenses does Odin’s treasure room have? How would you figure that out? Maybe sneaking a couple of Jotuns into the treasure room to steal the Casket of Ancient Winters would set off the alarms… So by letting those Jotuns in, Loki learns that “Hey! There’s a Destroyer guarding the Casket of Ancient Winters! Glad I know that now!”

With the defenses figured out, he needs to get rid of the guardians of Asgard if he’s going to have Thanos come in and get the Infinity Gauntlet. What guardians are there? Well, there is Thor. Oh wait. There’s right. “I cast you out!” No more Thor. Well played, Loki.

Then again, there’s also Thor’s friends: the Warriors Three and Lady Sif. If only there was a way to get rid of the- What’s that? They went after Thor? Predictable. There’s also Heimdall. Well, let’s just freeze him over with the Casket of Ancient Winters.

So that’s everyone except for the Destroyer. Except… Loki sent the Destroyer to Earth. How convenient! Odin’s treasure room is completely unguarded now. It’s almost like it was planned that way or something!

“I’ve Got an Army”

Going back to the quotes I pointed out at the beginning of this entry, there remains the problem of what Loki is saying. But, again, I’d like to remind you that this is the God of Lies. In fact, when Loki sees Thor arrive, he tells Thor that he is “off to destroy Jotunheim.” Now why would the God of Lies tell Thor that?

Well, the God of Lies would definitely tell Thor that if it was a lie! If you’re bored, I highly recommend going to this scene in Thor and watching it to around the end… muted. Watch it with a very open mind, pretending to not know what’s actually going on in the conversation. So, in other words, you don’t know that Loki is going to destroy Jotunheim (until you see the destruction, of course).

If you watch it like that, it almost looks like Loki’s simply going to open a portal somewhere. If he hadn’t told Thor he was going to destroy Jotunheim, I believe that when Thor confronts Loki at the bifrost, his first reaction might be more along the lines of “Where are you opening a portal to?”. If that were his true intention, he wouldn’t want Thor thinking that, now would he?

Now why would Loki be opening a massive portal to Jotunheim? And not really to Jotunheim as much as through Jotunheim? In fact, I believe that we’ve seen a large portal before in one of these movies…


My theory is that the Chitauri fleet was waiting on the other side of Jotunheim. Why would they be on the far side of Jotunheim and not the near side? Heimdall would be able to see an army amassing on this side and report it to Odin. By forming it on the other side, it would not be spotted.

By destroying Jotunheim, he’d be able to let in the Chitauri army, the Other, and Thanos. Odin would probably be killed and Loki would have an army to take out Thor and any others who dare to rebel against him.

However, we all know that’s not how the movie turned out. No, instead Loki lost and nearly fell off the bifrost. This explains why he simply let go at the end of Thor. He KNEW that Thanos, the Other, and the Chitauri were on the other side of that portal. It was his escape. This also explains how Loki ended up with Thanos and the Other.

loki noooooooo

The Icing on the Cake

A couple of weeks after coming up with this theory, I was watching The Avengers. I then arrived at the end scene with Thanos. I was skeptical about my theory to an extent until I saw that last frame. And I must say that Joss Whedon is a GENIUS. While everyone was going “OMG THANOS!” (or in the case of non-comic book readers: “Who the heck is that guy?”), it merely served as a distraction from the other side of the screen which seems to contain the remnants of a moon that had been partially destroyed by some sort of high-energy impact.


“That’s no moon.”

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